Rear bumper removal and installation

— Working from behind, remove nuts and washers securing bumper bellows to body (left and right sides of bumper).

— Carefully pull bellows away from bumper and body.

— Remove license plate light assemblies from bumper buffers and disconnect wiring harnesses.

— Working from behind, remove 3 nuts securing bumper buffers to bumpers. Pull buffers off of bumper on left and right sides.

^ Remove concealing cap (arrow) from bumper protective strip and remove screw behind cap.

1984 Chevette Bumper Removal


Rear Bumper For Porshe 911 Schematic1984 Porsche 911 Pictures Wiring Dash

Remove bumper mounting nuts (arrows) at left and right sides. (Left side shown).

— Remove bumper by sliding it straight off of body.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

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