Rear suspension

The rear shock absorbers are conventional hydraulic or gas-pressure dampers. Rear torsion bars are mounted transversely inside the rear suspension subframe (torsion bar carrier). Each trailing arm carries a sealed wheel bearing.

A stabilizer bar is mounted to the rear trailing arms to reduce body roll.

The suspension subframe (torsion bar carrier) is welded into the body and is not a replaceable part under normal circumstances.

ft-lb) 6. Lower mounting bolt

3. Rubber bumper 7. Washer

4. Rubber bumper ft-lb) 6. Lower mounting bolt

3. Rubber bumper 7. Washer

4. Rubber bumper

When doing any rear suspension maintenance or repair, observe the following cautions.

• Do not install bolts and nuts coated with undercoating wax, as correct tightening torque cannot be assured. Always clean the threads with solvent before installation, or install new parts.

• Do not attempt to weld or straighten the torsion plates, trailing arms or subframe. Replace damaged parts.

' Do not reuse self-locking nuts or cotter pins. These parts are designed to be used only once.

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