Rear wheel camber and toe adjusting

While performing alignment procedures, make sure the car is stable and well supported at all times. Use a professional automotive lift or jack stands designed for the purpose. A floor jack is not adequate support.

Changing camber at one rear wheel will cause a change in the load at that wheel and consequently at all other wheels. Be sure to check vehicle corner loads as a final check. Changing camber at one rear wheel will also affect the toe setting at that wheel.

A change in the rear toe by adjusting the toe eccentric will have very little effect on camber, wheel load or ride height.

^ Mark torsion plate position to trailing arm by scribing outline around torsion plate.

• Loosen torsion plate fasteners (arrows).


Porsche 928 Trailing Arm

^ Set rear wheel camber and toe using an alignment analyzer.

Tightening torque

• Torsion plate to trailing arm (eccentric).. 85 Nm (63 ft-lb)

• Torsion plate to trailing arm (M12) 120 Nm (89 ft-lb)

Removing 944 Trailing Arm


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