Seat Removal

Manual and electrically powered seat removal procedures are similar.

1989 325 Replacement Seats

Front seat, removing and installing

— On model with power or heated seat: Disconnect negative (-) cable from battery.

^ Move seat to full forward position. Remove mounting bolts (arrows) at rear of each seat rail. (Left rail shown. Right is similar.)


Porsche 928 Seat Removal


^ Slide seat back to rear position. Remove mounting bolts (arrow) at front of seat rails.

• Use a blanket to protect door sill from scuffing during seat removal.

• If car is equipped with a power driver seat and a manual passenger seat, the passenger seat will have spacers between seat rail and seat.

— On model with power or heated seat: Tilt seat back to access and unplug electrical harness connectors under seat cushion.

— Cut wire ties as necessary.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

• Use wire ties or equivalent means to keep seat harness wiring from damage.

• Install all seat mounting bolts finger-tight before torquing.

Tightening Torque

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