Shifter housing removing and installing

Porsche 911 Inner Shift BootPorsche 911 Centre Console

^ Remove left and right side screws securing front cover to center console. Slide cover forward of center console.

Remove three screws holding center console to floor.

• Screw on left shown (A). Right side is similar.

• Pull back rug slightly to reveal screw in middle of rear (B).

• Without disconnecting wiring harnesses, lift center console over shifter and lay to one side.


964 Porsche Centre Console

^'. Detach leather shifter boot from foam rubber cover (arrow).

1984 Porsche 911 Mirror Wiring


Arrow Ring Boot

^ Pull shifter boot up to expose rubber o-ring (arrow) securing boot to shift lever. Slide O-ring down off boot and remove boot.

— Remove inner boot and foam rubber cover from shift assembly.

— Slide driver's seat forward. Pull up center floor carpet from between rear seats.

^ Remove 4 screw (arrows) holding center tunnel access panel in place. Remove panel.


Rod Coupling Nut

^ Remove two nuts holding shifter rod to coupling. Separate rod from coupling.

— Place shift lever in 4th gear position.

1972 Porsche 911 Gear Shift Lever


930 Shift Coupler Access Panel


^ Remove front selector rod bolt (A) and 3 bolts securing shifter housing to floor (B).

Mark location of bolts securing shift housing to floor.

— Remove shift lever assembly.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

Tightening Torques

• Front selector coupling to shift rod 23 Nm (17 ft-lb)

• Shift rod to shift rod coupling 23 Nm (17 ft-lb)

• Shifter housing to center tunnel 23 Nm (17 ft-lb)

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