Shifter mechanism disassembling 19841986 models

— Place removed shift mechanism on its side in a vise. Remove lock pawl plate retaining nuts (A).

— Slowly open vise, releasing pawl plate springs (B). Remove pawl plate (C) and springs.

Be careful when opening vise. The springs under the pawl plate are strong.

— Remove shifter guide plate through top of housing.



Dust boot

10. Locking clip

19. Roll pin

28. Coupling clamp


Nut (M6)

11. Shifter pivot pin

20. Shifter housing

29. Clamp bolt (M8)


Lock washer (M6)

12. Shift lever

21. Ball socket

30. Lock washer (M8)


Lock pawl plate

13. Shifter knob

22. Shift lever coupling

31. Nut (M8)



14. Shift knob retaining ring

23. Set screw

32. Shift rod coupling


Stop plate

15. Boot

24. Shift rod bushing

33. Set screw


Shifter guide plate

16. Shift pivot housing

25. Shift rod bushing bracket

34. Transmission selector shaft


M8 bolt and washer (qty. 3)

17. Locking clip

26. Shift rod



M6 bolt and washer (qty. 2)

18. Spacers

27. Boot

— Remove locking clips from shifter pivot pin and pull pin out of housing.

— Remove gear shift lever from shifter housing.

— Reassembly is reverse of disassembly.

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