Special tools

^ Some procedures require special tools.

• Brake friction materials such as brake linings or pads may contain asbestos fibers which can lead to illnesses. Do not create dust by grinding, sanding, or cleaning the pads with compressed air. Avoid breathing any asbestos fibers or dust.

• Brake fluid is poisonous, highly corrosive and dangerous to the environment. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves when working with brake fluid. Do not siphon brake fluid with your mouth. Immediately dean away any fluid spilled on painted surfaces and wash with water. Dispose of brake fluid properly.

• Do not reuse self-locking nuts, or fasteners. They are designed to be used only once and may fail if reused. Always replace them with new self-locking nuts.

Braking system

Braking system


Brake fluid reservoir

8. Brake fluid line


Dual master cylinder

9. Rear brake caliper


Power booster

10. Rear brake rotor/drum


Brake pedal

11. Parking brake shoes


Front brake caliper

12. Parking brake handle


Front brake rotor

13. Parking brake cables


Rear brake pressure


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