Steering column removing and installing

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable.

— Working inside luggage compartment, detach upper steering column universal as described earlier.

— Working in passenger compartment, remove steering wheel and steering column switches as described earlier.

^ Working under dashboard, remove knee trim panel screw (arrow) located above luggage compartment lid release handle.

^ Remove left outer A/C vent from dash.

• Remove screw (A) from trim panel on left side of dash.

• While pulling on A/C vent, release locking tabs (arrows) at top and bottom of vent with a small screwdriver.

Remove knee trim:

• Working through A/C vent opening, remove trim mounting nut and washer from left stud (A).

• Working just below heater controls in center of dashboard, remove trim mounting nut and washer from right stud (B).


Porshe Steering Column Repair Sleeve


Porsche Steering Column

— Use a small screwdriver to carefully pry tachometer out of dashboard.

• Disconnect wiring from back of tachometer while removing.

Use a 1/8 in. bit in an angle drill to drill holes in each steering column shearbolt located behind tachometer.

^ Loosen lock nut and alien bolt (A) holding ignition lock arm in column support.

— Drill 1/8 in. hole in shearbolt (B) located above driver's knees.

— Use an easy-out to remove all 3 shearbolts.

— Remove column by sliding it to right to release steering lock.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

Always use shearbolts to attach steering lock to steering col-

Tightening torques

• Steering shaft universal joint pinch bolt . 20 Nm (15 ft-lb)

Porsche 911 Steering Column

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