Sunroof panel adjusting height

The sunroof panel should be adjusted:

• If the top of the closed sunroof becomes misaligned with the roof of the car;

• If it does not close squarely;

• if there are wind noises at speed;

• If the sunroof has been removed.

Open sunroof approximately 100 mm (4").

^ Carefully pull down on front of trim panel to free securing clips.

— Slide headliner panel back into roof cavity.

1984 Porsche 911 Quarter Panel Left Side

^ Remove plastic caps covering front guide screws on left and right sides. Left side is shown (arrow).

Sunroof Left Guide

To adjust front height of sunroof panel:

• Remove front guides.

• Turn knurled nuts to adjust height (arrow).

• Reinstall guides and check roof adjustment.

Adjust front height so that panel is on same plane as roof or just slightly lower.

^ To adjust rear height of sunroof panel:

• Loosen slotted height adjustment screw (arrow).

• Adjust ratchet (inset) so that sunroof panel is on same plane as roof or just slightly higher.

— Open sunroof approximately 100 mm (4").

— Slide headliner trim panel forward and snap clips into place.

— Check operation of sunroof.

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