Suspension troubleshooting

Stable handling and ride comfort both depend on the integrity of the suspension components. These systems must precisely position the wheels so that the car is stable and controllable, but also allow movement so that the wheels can steer and react to bumps. Any symptom of instability or imprecise road feel may be caused by worn or damaged suspension components.

In addition to inspecting forworn parts, troubleshooting must also consider the condition of tires, wheels, and their alignment. Tire wear and incorrect inflation pressures can dramatically affect handling. Subtle irregularities in wheel alignment angles also affect stability. Mixing different types or sizes of tires, particularly on the same end of the car, can affect alignment and may unbalance a car's handling. See 440 Wheels, Tires, Alignment for more information.

Table e lists symptoms of suspension problems and their probable causes, and suggests corrective actions. The boldface numbers in the corrective action column refer to headings where the repairs are described.

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