Synchronizer dog teeth

Synchronizer ("dog") teeth are press fit on each gear. After-market tools and individually available components can be used to replace damaged gear teeth. Consult with the Porsche dealer parts department.

340 Manual Transmiss^on-Controls and Case general 340-1

Special tools 340-1

Transmission identification 340-2

transmission fluid service 340-3

Transmission fluid level, checking 340-3

Transmission fluid, replacing 340-3

shifter mechanism

(1984-1986 models) 340-4

Shifter housing, removing and installing

(1984-1986 models) 340-4

Shifter mechanism, disassembling

(1984-1986 models) 340-4

Shift rod bushing, replacing

(1984-1986 models) 340-5

Shift rod coupling, replacing

(1984-1986 models) 340-6

Shift rod coupling, adjusting (1984-1986 models) 340-6

shifter mechanism

(1987-1989 models) 340-7

Shifter housing, removing and installing (1987-1989 models) 340-7

Shifter mechanism, disassembling (1987-1989 models) 340-10

transmission service 340-12

Back-up light switch, replacing 340-12

Selector shaft seal, replacing 340-12

Input shaft seal, replacing 340-13

Transmission, disassembling

(915 transmission) 340-14

Transmission, reassembling (915 transmission) 340-21


a. Transmission Applications 340-2

b. Transmission Gear Ratios 340-2

Special Tools

Special tool

A P 37 a Input shaft lock

(Porsche ordering #000 721 037 10)

B P 260 a Shift rod holder

(Porsche ordering #000 721 260 10)

C P 381 Input shaft installing sleeve

(Porsche ordering #000 721 381 00)

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Porsche Classic Models

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