Throttle plate basic adjustment

The factory-set throttle adjusting screw is not used to adjust idle speed. Its only function is to provide a mechanical stop for the linkage to prevent the throttle plate from contacting the inside of the throttle housing and causing wear. It should be adjusted only if the factory setting has been tampered with.

To correct faulty throttle adjustment:

• Remove tamper proof cap from throttle lever stop screw.

• Turn screw (arrow) counterclockwise until plate contacts throttle housing.

• Then turn screw clockwise just until throttle plate no longer contacts housing. Set clearance to specifications shown below using feeler gauge

• Apply paint or lacquer to screw threads. Install tamper-proof cap.

Throttle Plate Clearance

• Throttle plate to throttle housing... 0.04 mm (0.0015 in.)


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    How to adjust the throttle body plate on a porsche 911?
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