Torque wrench

A torque wrench is used to precisely tighten threaded fasteners to a predetermined value. Some of the repair procedures in this manual include Porsche-specified torque values in Newton-meters (Nm) and the equivalent values in pound-feet, more commonly written as foot-pounds (ft-lb).

^ Several types of torque wrenches are available. They all do the same job, but offer different convenience features at different prices. The most convenient ones have a built-in ratchet, and can be preset to indicate when a specific torque value has been reached. Follow the wrench manufacturer's directions for use to achieve the greatest accuracy.

A torque wrench with a range up to about 150 Nm (185 ft-lb) has adequate capacity for most of the repairs covered in this manual. For recommended torque values of 10 Nm or below, the English system equivalent is given in inch-pounds (in-lb). These small values may be most easily reached using a torque wrench calibrated in inch-pounds. To convert inch-pounds to foot-pounds, divide by 12.

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