Vacuum bleeding brakes

— Using clean syringe, remove old brake fluid from reservoir. Clean out reservoir with a lint-free cloth.

— Top off brake fluid and replace reservoir cap.

— Connect vacuum pump to right rear brake bleeder screw. Route discharge hose into waste bottle.

Vacuum bleeding requires an air-tight seal between the pump and the bleeder screw. Any leakage will result in faulty bleeding.

— Open bleeder screw and withdraw brake fluid until it is clean and without air bubbles.

Fill the brake fluid reservoir level frequently to prevent it from emptying during brake bleeding.

— Close bleeder screw.

• Replace rubber bleeder cap.

Tightening Torques

• Bleeder screw (Turbo-look) 8-11 Nm (6 - 8 ft-lb)

— Refill brake fluid reservoir and proceed to next wheel in order given above.

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