Vbelts checking and replacing

Replacement of V-belts every four years is recommended. When belts are replaced, store the old set in the luggage compartment for emergency use.


^ The V-belt is tensioned through a split pulley and shim arrangement. Six shims are installed at the factory and arranged on either side of the pulley depending on the adjustment required to correctly tension the belt. All six shims should remain on the alternator shaft.

Removing shims from the between the pulleys halves increases belt tension. Placing additional shims between the pulley halves decreases the tension.

A special spanner wrench is needed to hold the belt pulley stationary while loosening the large nut on the alternator shaft.

Inspect belts with the engine off. Twist the belt to inspect its sidewalls and bottom. Belt structural damage, glazed or shiny sidewalls caused by a loose belt, or layer separation caused by oil contamination are all reasons to replace a belt.

— Remove A/C compressor belt. See 870 Air Conditioner.

^ While holding alternator belt pulley with spanner wrench (arrow), loosen and remove pulley mounting nut and separate pulley. Note arrangement of shims on either side of pulley.

— Remove belt from crankshaft pulley.

— Install new belt and reinstall shims and pulley. Install shims, washer, and nut. Tighten nut, making sure pulley seats properly.

Tightening torque

• Alternator pulley to alternator 40 Nm (30 ft-lb)

— Check belt tension by applying thumb pressure at belt midpoint. The belt should deflect approximately 5 mm (0.2 in.).

• If adjustment is necessary, reposition shims. Run engine for a few minutes (at least 1,500 rpm), then re-check belt tension.

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