Make sure the car is firmly supported on jack stands designed for the purpose. Place the jack stands beneath a structural chassis point. Do not place jack stands under suspension parts.

^ Working at trailing arm, disconnect electrical connector (arrow) for brake pad wear sensor and remove harness from clip on trailing arm.


Disconnect metal brake line from brake caliper. Plug hydraulic fittings.

— Remove brake caliper mounting bolts and remove caliper. See 470 Brakes-Hydraulic.

1984 911 Engine Compartment



Remove two screws (arrows) mounting brake rotor to hub and remove rotor.

If rotor hangs up and will not slide off, back off parking brake adjuster as described earlier.


Remove cotter pin (arrow) from castellated nut on end of brake cable and remove nut.

Working underneath car, pull parking brake cable out of brake backing plate and trailing arm.


Parking brake handle components


12 3 4


6 7


Release button






Toothed sector


Push rod




Parking brake handle


— Remove passenger seat to gain access to heater controls and parking brake handle assembly.

— Remove access panel from right side of heater control.

^ On cars with automatic heating, disconnect heater control linkage rod (arrow).

— Remove heater control trim screws from floor. Lift heater control and lay aside.

— Pull carpet up around parking brake handle.

^ Remove bolts (arrows) holding parking brake handle support to floor.

^ Lift up parking brake handle mechanism and disconnect link at base of handle by removing clevis pin from cable bar.

— Detach cables from cable bar.

— Pull out old cable and replace with new.

With the old cable removed, blow out cable conduit in body with compressed air.

— Attach new cable eye to cable bar at handle mechanism. • Reinstall handle mechanism.

Brake shoe

— Push cable through trailing arm and backing plate.

• Install castellated nut.

^ Check brake cable housing axial play. If play is found, adjust nuts on cable until slight axial play is felt. Lock adjusting nuts together.

— Reinstall brake rotor and caliper.

Tightening Torques

• Brake caliper to trailing arm (M12) 60 Nm (43 ft-lb)

• Hydraulic brake line to caliper 14 Nm (10 ft-lb)

— Adjust parking brake shoes adjuster as described earlier.

— Pull parking brake handle up and release 4 or 5 times to stretch and set new cable.

Working inside car, check to make sure cable bar below parking brake handle is exactly transverse (90° angle) to car.

* Adjust cables as necessary.

— Raise parking brake handle 2 clicks. With lever in this position both rear wheels should be difficult to turn.

— Bleed brakes as described in 470 Brakes-Hydraulic.

Tightening Torque

— Replace rug over parking handle housing. Reinstall heater controls and passenger seat.

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