Wheel Alignment

• Replacement and/or removal of front or rear suspension components, such as front or rear torsion bars or rear torsion plates, disturbs the wheel alignment settings. Replacement or adjustment of the torsion bars, rear torsion plates or rear trailing arms can affect vehicle ride height, which directly influences vehicle stability, chassis balance and even braking at all wheels. Vehicle balance/weight must be checked at all four wheels, and ride height must be reset. See Extended alignment later in this group.

• While performing alignment procedures, make sure the car is stable and well supported at all times. Use a professional automotive lift or jack stands designed for the purpose. A floor jack is not adequate support.

Depending on the circumstances, there are two procedures for wheel alignment:

• Basic alignment is required:

-when replacing suspension components which cause no alteration in ride height

-In case of excessive or uneven tire wear

-After a new vehicle has "settled"

-In case of handling complaints

• Extended alignment is required:

-If suspension replacement components alter vehicle height

-In case of incorrect vehicle height

Basic alignment requires the use of alignment analyzer equipment. Minor resetting of alignment specifications is permitted.

Extended alignment requires checking and resetting vehicle ride height and corner weights with the use of wheel load scales and then performing the basic alignment.

Basic alignment specification for the front and rear wheels are in Table b and Table c.

Pre-alignment Checklist (repair groups in bold)

• Tool kit and spare tire in luggage compartment

• Ball joint and suspension parts checked. See 401.

• Tire pressures set to specifications.

• Steering wheel and steering rack in center position. See 480.

• Check and, if necessary, reset front and rear ride height. See Extended alignment in this group.

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