Windshield Wipers and Washers

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wiper blades 920-1

Wiper blade symptoms and fixes 920-1

Wiper blades, replacing 920-2

Wiper blade inserts, replacing 920-2

Wiper arms, removing and installing 920-3


Windshield wiper assembly, removing and installing 920-3

washer system 920-5

Windshield spray nozzle, removing and installing 920-5

Windshield washer pump, removing and installing 920-6

Washer fluid reservoir, removing and installing 920-6

Windshield wiper/washer switches 920-7

Intermittent wiper action switch, removing and installing 920-7


This repair group covers windshield wiper and washer system repair information. Removal and replacement of the windshield wiper/washer stalk switch assembly is covered in 960 Electrical Switches, Interior Lighting.

Electrical wiring diagrams and relays for the wiper/washer are covered in 970 Electrical Wiring Diagrams.


Wiper blade symptoms and fixes

Common problems with the windshield wipers include streaking or sheeting, water drops after wiping, and blade chatter.

Streaking is usually caused when wiper blades are coated with road film or car wash wax. Clean the blades using soapy water. If cleaning does not cure the problem, the blades or inserts should be replaced. Insert replacement is the most economical method, although overtime the wiper blade carrier itself will become worn.

Drops that remain behind after wiping are usually caused by oil, road film or diesel exhaust residue on the glass. Use a luke warm soap/water solution or a commercial window cleaning product. Sekuriflex windshields may be cleaned with normal drugstore alcohol if very dirty.


Use only non-abrasive cleaners on windshield and windows.

Windshield Wiper Chattering

Wiper blade chatter may be caused by dirty or worn blades or by wiper arms that are out of alignment. Clean the blades and windshield as described above. Adjust the wiper arm so that there is even pressure along the blade, and so that the blade is perpendicular to the windshield at rest. If the problem persists, the blade carrier and wiper arms should be replaced.

Wiper blades, replacing

— Pivot wiper arm away from glass.

— Position wiper blade carrier approximately perpendicular to wiper arm.

^ Remove wiper blade carrier from wiper arm by depressing retaining tab (arrow) and sliding blade out of arm.

Some wiper blade versions may have two retaining tabs.

— Installation is reverse of removal. Install wiper blade carrier to wiper arm until it clicks into position.

Unhooking Wiper Blades

Wiper blade inserts, replacing

— Remove wiper blade as described earlier.

Unhook end of wiper blade insert from wiper arm guides.

If necessary, spread guides slightly using needle nose pliers.

— Pull old insert from wiper arm guides.

— Remove metal support strips from old insert and install into slots in new insert, noting installation direction of cutouts in support strips.

The notched cutouts in the retaining strips should engage the molded tangs in the inserts.

— Slide new insert through wiper blade guides. Lock insert in place at end guides.

How Remove Wiper Arms


Wiper arms, removing and installing

— Swing hinged plastic cover upwards from base of wiper arm. ^ Loosen, but do not remove wiper arm retaining nut (arrow).

Marking the position of the wiper arm on the shaft will aid installation.

— Pivot wiper arm up slightly to release from tapered mounting shaft.

— Remove mounting nut and take off wiper arm.

— Install driver's side wiper arm first. Wiper arm should not touch bottom part of windshield gasket.

When installing wiper arm, be sure to carefully align end of arm onto tapered shaft before tightening mounting nut.

— Install passenger wiper arm. NOTE—

Passenger side wiper blade should be positioned approximately 25 mm (1 inch) above driver's side wiper blade when both arms are in park position.


The windshield wiper assembly (linkage and motor) is removed as a single unit. Once the assembly is removed, the wiper motor and other linkage parts can be repaired or replaced.

Windshield wiper assembly, removing and installing

The wiper arms should be in the parked position before removing the wiper assembly. To avoid damaging the wiper arms and pivots, do not manually slide or force the wiper arm across the windshield.

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable. See 030 Maintenance.

— Unsnap luggage compartment carpet and lift out.

^ Remove fresh air plenum cover retaining fasteners (arrows). Remove cover.

— Remove fresh air blower assembly. See 850 Ventilation.

— Remove wiper arms as shown previously.

Wind Screen Wipers Crank


Wiper Arm Bushings 911


1. Wiper blade

2. Wiper arm

5. Washer

6. Rubber bushing

7. Tapping screw

8. Shake proof washer

9. Crank mechanism

10. Lock plate

11. Motor

12. Bolt

13. Fabric mounting

14. Speed nut

15. Ground cable


Windshield wiper assembly

— Remove clock and speedometer from dashboard. See 901 Instruments.

— Working though speedometer opening, unplug wiper motor and remove M6 wiper motor mounting bolts.

— Support windshield wiper assembly and remove plastic caps beneath wiper arms. Remove retaining nuts.

— Lower windshield wiper assembly and remove.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

— To remove wiper motor from crank mechanism, use windshield wiper assembly component illustration above.


' Be sure ground wire at fabric mount is securely fastened.

• Run wipers and allow to return to parked position before installing wiper arms.


The windshield washer system includes the windshield spray nozzles, the washer fluid pump and the washer fluid reservoir. A separate washer fluid tank, pump and nozzles are used for the intensive washer system.

Cars with the headlight washer system are equipped with an additional fluid pump, hoses and nozzles on top of the front bumper.

Washer spray nozzles can be aimed by using a sewing needle or a similar diameter stiff piece of wire.

Windshield spray nozzle, removing and installing

Working inside luggage compartment, press washer nozzle from the rear (arrow) and pivot nozzle up out of the cowl.

It may be necessary to slide washer nozzle slightly toward front of car while pushing from below (arrow).

— Remove clamp from nozzle and remove washer hose.

— Unplug 2-pin connector for heated nozzle (as applicable) and remove nozzle.

2-pin connector for heater washer nozzle is not located at the nozzle itself but in the plenum area.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

Porsche 911 Floor Replacement


Be sure to replace washer nozzle gasket as necessary.

Windshield washer pump, removing and installing

^ Unplug wires from windshield washer pump (1).

— Remove clamps and fluid hoses.

— Remove pump bracket from rubber mounts and remove pump.

— Connectors on pump are labeled plus (+) and minus (-). Brown wire connects to minus (-) connector.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

Washer fluid reservoir, removing and installing

— Raise and safely support vehicle.


Make sure car is stable and well supported at all times. Use a professional automotive lift or jack stands designed for the purpose. A floor jack is not adequate support.

— Remove left front wheel.

^ Unscrew filler tube clamp (arrow A) and remove tube from reservoir.

— Unscrew collar (arrow C) for washer pump feed and return lines and set to side.

— Remove lower mounting bolt and retaining strap from underneath reservoir.

— Remove upper reservoir mounting bolt (arrow B) and lower reservoir down.

— Remove washer pump feed and return lines from reservoir. Remove reservoir.

Feed line should be equipped with a small filter at the end.

— Installation is the reverse of removal.

Windshield Wiper FillersWindshield Wiper Fillers


Windshield wiper/washer switches

The windshield wiper/washer switch is mounted on the right side of the steering column. The wipers have three speeds and an off position. Pushing up on the wiper lever increases the speed. Removal of the wiper lever/switch is covered in 960 Electrical Switches, Interior Lighting.

The windshield washer system is operated by pulling the lever towards the steering wheel.

Intermittent wiper action switch, removing and installing

The intermittent wiper rheostat is located on the dashboard between the speedometer and the clock. The wiper switch on the steering column must be in the off position (all the way down) to actuate intermittent operation.

— Disconnect negative (-) battery cable. See 030 Maintenance.

Porsche 901 911 Dashboard


Prior to disconnecting the battery, read the battery disconnection cautions given at the front of this manual on page vii.

— Remove clock from the dashboard. See 901 instruments. Pull off knob and remove mounting nut (arrow).

— Slide switch back into dash and remove through clock opening.

— Label and disconnect wires.

— Installation is reverse of removal.

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