Wire repairs

Repairs to a wiring harness require special care to make the repair permanent. The wire ends must be clean. If frayed or otherwise damaged, cut off the end. If the wire is too short, splice in a new piece of wire of the same size and make two connections.

Use connectors designed for the application. Crimped-on or soldered-on connectors are best. Crimp connectors and special crimping pliers are widely available. If soldering, use needlenose pliers to hold the wire near the solder joint and create a "heat dam". This keeps the heat and the solder from traveling up the wire. Always use a solder made specifically for electrical work (rosin core).

Twisting wires together to make a repair is not recommended. Corrosion and vibration will eventually spoil the connection and may lead to irreparable damage to sensitive electronic components.

Insulate the finished connection. Electronics stores can supply heat-shrinkable insulating tubing that can be placed onto the wire before connecting, slid over the finished joint, and shrunk to a tight fit with a heat gun or hair dryer. The next best alternative is electrical tape. Make sure the wire is clean and free of solder flux or other contamination. Wrap the joint tightly to seal out moisture. See 900 Electrical System-General for more information.

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