Working under car safely

Lifting or raising the vehicle for repairs requires a hydraulic jack or lifting equipment. In addition to the instructions below, follow the manufacturer's directions for the use of the lifting equipment.

Disconnect negative (-) battery cable.

Position jack or lift arms beneath specified lifting points (arrows). Make sure jack is resting on flat, solid ground.

When raising the car using a floor jack or a hydraulic lift, carefully position the jack pad to prevent damaging the car body. A suitable liner (wood, rubber, etc.) should be placed between the jack and the car to prevent body damage.

Raise car slowly while constantly checking position of lifting equipment and car.

Use at least two jack stands to support the car. A jack is a temporary lifting device and should not be used alone to support the car while you are under it. Use jack stands designed for the purpose of supporting a car. For more information on jack stands, see Tools below.

Do not use wood, concrete blocks, or bricks to support a car. Wood may split. Blocks or bricks, while strong, are not designed for that kind of load, and may break or collapse.

Place jack stands on firm, solid surface. If necessary, use a flat board or similar solid object to provide a firm footing.

Lower car slowly until its weight is fully supported by jack stands. Watch to make sure that the jack stands do not tip or lean as the car settles on them. Raise the jack again for additional support.

Observe all jacking precautions when raising car to remove jack stands.

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