Porsche 911 Diode For Seat Belt Warning

k4 Ks e

L1 L2 L4

L26 L27

m6 M7 M3


windshield wiper switch Headlight switch Turn signal switch Emergency flasher switch Dimmer switch Headlight flasher switch Parking iight switch

Instrument panel illumination potentiometer

Switch for glove compartment iight

Stop light switch

Left door switch

Right door switch

Back—up light switch switch tor luggage compartment iight

Horn switch


Key warning buzzer contact Hazard / turn signal flasher Horn relay Headlight relay

Diode for seat belt warning system

High beam indicator iight

Parking lights indicator light

Turn signal indicator iight

Hazard flasher indicator light

Sealed beam unit, left headlight

Seaied beam unit, iight headlight

Speedometer iiiumination light

Fuel gauge illumination light

Clock illumination light

Ashtray illumination light

Heater contra assembly illumination light

Temperature control lever iiiuminatian light

Oil temperature indicator illumination iight

Tachometer illumination light

Oil pressure indicator illumination light

Right stop Î rear light

Left stop I rear iight

Left front turn signal / parking light

Left rear turn signal

Right front turn signal I parking light

Right rear turn signal

Front side marker light

Rear side marker light

Left back—up light

Right back—up light


Fuses on the

T: — Cable connector, single a — near regulator panel b — behind sealed beam unit, left c — behind sealed beam unit, right d — behind fuse box e — on luggage compartment 1loor t — behindinstrument panel h — near left rear lights T4 — Cable connector, sixfold a — in the engine compartment, rear left b —-in the engine compartment, rear right d —■ below instrument panel e — below instrument panel g—-below instrument panel h — below instrument panel — Cable connector, fourteenfold on regulator panel W — Interior light W3 — Luggage compartment iight W6 —Glove compartment light X — License plate light Y — Clock

Current track

Printed in Germany XXXIV, 1975

Current track

Octavia Cenral Locking Wiring
53 54 5 5 5 6 57 58 59 60




Vollage regulator

Capacitor for igmlion unit

Ignition starter switch

WiniiyMi^ld wiper switch

Fresh air blower switch

Hear window d-^iogger «jwitch

Healer blower sv;i(ch

Lett seat belt switch

Outside mirier control switch

Oil prei iure switch

Brake warning switch

Parking brake switch

Thc-rmo-switch for cold start vaivc

NMeage counter switch (EGR)

Fuel sencer uml

Fuel qaupe


Fuel pump

O■ I temperature sender unit

Oil lemperaiure indicator

Oi: pressure sender unit

OiI pressure indicator

Gil U-vel ;.eruiHr unit

Oki level gauge

Air meter contact


Speedometer sensor

Hear window defogger refay

ReJay tor heater blower ftefiiy for fuc-l pump

Seal belt warning system relay with integrated buzzer

Generator charge indicator light

Oil pressure indicator light

Parking brake br«'ike warning lighl

Blower indicator light

Rear winoow defoggc-r indicator fight

Low fuel warning light

S-Jol heli warning light

EGR warnmq light

Ignition trsnsformsr

VV.inn-up regulator

High Icnsion ignition unit

Cole siart vjive

Simpler.eniflry air v.ilva

Magnetic clutch lor mirror control

Distributor '

Spark plug connector

Spark plug

Fuses on ihe fu'JC h'JK

Fuses on «lie rear fuse box (regulatoi panel)

Cab'c connector, single a— near regulator panel

(i hiihinU fut-o tin*

e - on luggr-ge compartment Ifoor

J — behind instrument panel g— below shift lever housing

Cable connector, double a — be'ow regulator panet b - in engtne compartment. feft c — near left seat i — in tur.ne«, rear k — LtltJw regukilui parcel

Cable cpmi^cior, quadruple, in outside rnir.'or housing

Cab'o connoctoi sixloid tj— in eng:ne cornparimenl right c— be'ow instrument panel r he low instrument panel h - below mstuiment panel

Cable r'onnector fourlcc-nfold on rcgui._:lor panc-i

Cigar hghlcr

Windshield wiper rrotor

BI owe i rnoior

He,iter blower

Washer pump

Outside m.rror control motor Rear win crow deioaqer Out'-'de mirror deiogyer

Curronl track

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