A slot must be made according to given dimensions i in door inside panel of Targa models. The stop bracket for height control will be accessible through this opening.

Check door window for easy movement. Close door and check entire periphery of glass and/or window frame for neat fit at door weatherstrip, correcting window frame adjustment if necessary.

9. Install door window water shields and inside door trim panel. Check operation of window control and mirror switch.

4. Check window guides for wear and replace if velvet is partially worn. Glue at top when inserting in door window frame.

5. Insert window control and bolt base plate. Connect wire harness with switch.

6. Insert window glass and guide plastic rollers of window control into window lift channel. Mount short guide rail on inside door panel with M 6 x 10 bolts and washers. Lubricate moving parts with a multi-purpose grease.

7. Install and secure door window frame.

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