D es cr iptions/Relay s and Fuses


The warm-up regulator relay is omitted.

1 " Air conditioner relay

2 - Foglight relay

3 - Horn relay

4 " Vacant

5 - Electric window winder relay

6 " Vacant

7 - Fuel pump relay

The fuel pump relay also controls the warm-up regulator and auxiliary air regulator. It has a red cover to distinguish it from the standard relays.

1 - Relay plate

2 " Relay for single stage rear window defogger

(omitted for 2-stage defogger)

3 - Relay for heater blower

4 - Relay for 2-stage rear window defogger

(omitted for single stage defogger).

5 - Voltage regulator

6 - CDI control unit

1 - Radio (interference) suppressor

8 " Rear fuse box (fuses S 22 thru S 24 of current flow diagram)

9 - Capacitor (only for Bosch CDI control unit)

- omitted as from 1978 models -

The fuse box has 21 fuses. The last fuse (S 21) as seen in the driving direction is for the fuel pump for 1976 models.

Description - Lighting System

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