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Removing and Installing Heat Sensor in Heater Flap Mousing

1. Loosen control unit and pull off the front 2-pole male plug.

2. Loosen carpet along center tunnel and clear cable up to grommet in kick plate.

3. Pull both wires out of male plug housing (be sure to depress terminal retainer) and push out grommet.

4. Remove adaptor on left heater flap housing.

5. Pull out cable and remove rivets on the adaptor.

6. Rivet new heat sensor to adaptor rout cable and press in grommet.

7, Install adapter. Make sure that the heater flaps are adjusted evenly on both sides.

8. Secure plug housing to cable. The black wire must be located on the side of the housing with a tab.

9. Place cable inside of glue carpets. connect plug to control unit and secure control Sifi again.

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