Porsche Workshop Manual 9 11 From Model 1 97 2 On

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This publication contains the essential removal, installation and adjustment procedures for the Porsche 911 vehicles sold in the USA and Canada. Components and procedures described in this manual are identical for all types unless differences are pointed out in the text. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with basic automotive repair procedures. Special tools required in performing certain service operations are identified in the manual and recommended for use. Use of tools or procedures other than those recommended in this repair manual may be detrimental to the vehicle's safe operation as well as the safety of the person servicing the vehicle.

The Workshop Manual 911 - from model 1972 on - is subdivided into 10 Assembly Groups, delivered in supplements to volume I and 11.

Survey of the individual Assembly Groups:

Engine and Clutch Fuel System Transmission Front Axle Rear Axle

Brakes, Wheels, Tires Pedal Controls and Manual Controls Maintenance Jobs, Technical Data Body

Electrical System

For identification of the volumes, the back the top for insertion of the pertinent type.

To find the individual repair steps quickly, each Assembly Group of this Workshop Manual is subdivided into "Main Groups", "Chapters" and "Sections" and provided with a very detailed list of contents; refer to example on next page.

Technical Information sheets should be filed at the beginning of their respective groups. The contents of the Technical Informations will be incorporated into the Workshop Manual at suitable intervals. The List of Contents will be edited whenever extensions and supplements are published.

Code No. 1

Code No. 2

Code No. 3

Code No. 4

Code No. 5

Code No. 6

Code No. 7

Code No. 8

Code No. 9

of the folders is provided with a transparent pocket at


Motor und Kupplung Engine and Clutch Moteur et Accouplement Motore e Frizione

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