Targa Roof Adjustments From 1 9 7 0 Models


If wind noise or creaking should occur in a Targa roof due To changed position, the following adjustments may become necessary to rectify the condition:

Creaking Noises

1. Remove folding top. Check front and rear tensioning rails for proper alignment, adjust if necessary.

2. Check roof lochs, tighten retaining screws

3. Check hinges, removing pins if loose: worn pins should be replaced. Grease hinges lightly.

4. Check front locating pins for wear, replacing if necessary.

5. Check weatherstrip at windshield and roll bar ends, replacing if damaged or flattened.

Lightly coat weatherstrip with glycerine during the winter season

6. If moulding strips in windshield frame show pressure marks, meaning improper tolerances at the convertible top, straighten the strip with a piece of hardwood, or remove strip and rework top surface across windshield frame.

Wind Noises

1. Check convertible top for proper seating. Readjust if it protrudes above the windshield frame or roll bar, or if it is uneven.

2. Check windows for proper sealing, readjust if necessary.

3. Readjust proof side seal if necessary.

4. Using wide-grip flat pliers, lightly bend rear seating surface of the folding top downward. (Do not bend the rounded sides).

5. Install convertible top and check positioning, readjusting door window frames if necessary.

Top Billows Out

The convertible top may billow out a high speeds with the fan on and windows closed (pressure in passenger compartment).


1. Move rear support pin upward on convertible top

2. Check rear hinges, removing hinge pins if loose; worn hinge pins should be replaced. Grease hinges lightly.

3. If high pressure is exerted on the gasket at the LASTIK supports (roll bar), take gasket out of the supports and cut the base down as required. Glue it in place and secure with plastic rivets.

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