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The 1989 964 saw the demise of the famous Fuchs alloys, wheels that had been synonymous with the 911 up to that point.

The offset of the Fuchs alloys were completely incompatible with the newly designed four wheel drive mechanism and the ABS brakes that had been installed on the 964. As such, a totally redesigned rim was offered- the Design 90 alloy. The offset of this new rim was 52mm and the tires moved to 205/55ZR's up front, and 225/50ZR's rear.

In 1992, the Design 90 was replaced by five spoke cast aluminium rims (Cup Style). These were made available in 16" to 18" sizes with widths from 6" to 10". Note that the rim sizes above 16" were actually only made available in 1992, after the use of such rims on the 965 Turbo (17" rims were 9J front wearing 205/50ZRs and 255/40ZR's rear).

Wheel specs between the Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 models were identical for the front and rear wheels (even though the front suspension had to incorporate the 4 wheel drive system for the Carrera 4) ie:

• Design 90 and Cup Style front: 6J 16 52mm on Carrera 2 & 4 wearing 205/55ZR16 (1990-1993)

• Design 90 and Cup Style rear: 8J 16 52mm on Carrera 2 & 4 wearing 225/50ZR16 (1990-1993)

For the 17" rims, the following details were applicable as follows (incredibly confusing):

• Cup wheels front: 8J 17 55mm on Carrera 2 Cup wearing 235/45ZR17 (1990)

• Cup wheels rear: 9.5J 17 55mm on Carrera 2 Cup wearing 255/40ZR17 (1990)

• Cup wheels front: 7J 17 55mm on Turbo (1991-1992), Turbo look (1992 & 1994 C4 special) and RS America (1992) wearing 205/50ZR17

The Design 90 rim that replaced the Fuchs rims.

Note the Cup Design 16" rims that replaced the Design 90 rims in 1992.

The ever popular 17" cup/turbo 1 style rims. Note that the RS used an extremely lightweight, forged version of these rims.

• Cup wheels rear: 8J 17 52mm on RS America (1992) and C4 special Turbo look (1994) wearing 255/40ZR17 for the RS America and 225/45R17 for the C4 special Turbo look

• Cup wheels rear: 9J 17 55mm on Turbo (1991-1992) and Turbo look (1992) wearing 255/40ZR17

• Cup wheels front: 7.5J 17 55mm on RS wearing 205/50ZR17 (1992)

• Cup wheels rear: 9J 17 55mm on RS wearing 255/40ZR17 (1992)

18" rims only saw the light of day on the Turbo S in 1992 and the Turbo in 1993.

Since then, a large number of aftermarket copies of the 17" and 18" original Porsche rims have been made available, and it is worth noting that later model rims such as those from the 996 can actually fit onto the 964 with a minimum of problems [also see Modifications-Wheels!.

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