Technical Highlight of the Original 911 1963

Styling : 911 preserved the general shape of 356, but with slightly better aerodynamics - 0.381 vs 0.40. Butzi Porsche did not created a very handsome shape. However, it was undoubtedly a very unique design that everyone can easily recognise.

Chassis : Chassis structure was conventional steel monocoque (Galvanised steel was not arrived until 1971). Suprisingly, it was 2.4 in narrower than the 356, but the wheelbase and overall length are 5 in and 6 in longer respectively, thus enabled considerably more interior space.

Given the rear-engined layout, weight was inevitably biased towards the rear end - 40 : 60 distribution between front and rear wheels. Porsche claimed this could free up the steering weighting without the use of servo, thus avoided any artificial feeling.

Engine :

The flat-six air-cooled engine employed single overhead camshaft per bank instead of - /^^B^H pushrod of the 356. Power jumped

■ dramatically to 130 hp from merely

2 litres, still very impressive by nowadays' standard. Note that dry sump lubrication was opted for the benefit of motor racing.

Sufficient space was preserved for future enlargement to 2.7 litres, however, it was eventually skretched to 3.8 litres!

Had I known, at that time, that the unit could actually be stretched to 3.3 litres and still be completely reliable, even in racing form, I would almost certainly have decided that it was unnecessarily large and heavy, and would have asked the designers to scale it down', said Ferry Porsche, 'Now I am glad I didn't!

Gearbox : Of course was Porsche's patented synchromesh unit, with 5 speed.

Suspensions Disappointingly, Porsche placed luggage space in prior to suspensions, : therefore it adopted space-saving MacPherson struts in the front, with the aid of lower wishbones. In the rear, again the space problem led to the use of semi-trailing arms. However, it was still a big improvement over 356's swinging-axles.

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