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In order to avoid damage and faults in electrical or electronic systems, electrical accessories should be installed at your authorized Porsche dealer.

f Only use accessories authorized by Porsche.


Risk of short circuit and fire. Replacing fuses or relays with the engine running or the ignition on could cause electrical shock.

f Disconnected the battery during all work on the electrical system. Please observe the chapter "BATTERY" on Page 236.


Defective relays should be changed only by an authorized workshop.

In storage tray between the front seats


Electrical accessories should preferably be connected to the 12 V sockets.

f Please observe the maximum power consumption.

Note on operation

The tire filling compressor must be connected to the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger's footwell Note on operation

The sockets and thus the connected electrical accessories function even if the ignition is switched off or the ignition key is withdrawn.

If the engine is not running and the accessories are switched on, the vehicle battery will be discharged.

Do not operate additional accessories for more than 5 minutes when engine is off.

Maximum power consumption for both sockets together: 70 W.

f Please observe the power specifications from the accessory manufacturer.

Alarm system, central locking

The status of the central locking and alarm system is not changed by disconnecting the battery. When the battery is disconnected, the alarm system ceases to function.

Overload protection

If the central locking system is operated more than ten times within a minute, further operation is blocked for 30 seconds.

Load switch-off after 2 hours or 7 days

If the ignition key is removed, loads which are switched on or are in standby mode (such as the luggage compartment light, interior light and radio) are automatically switched off after approx. 2 hours.

If the vehicle is not started or unlocked with the remote control within 7 days, the remote control standby function is switched off (to save the vehicle battery).

1. In this case, unlock the driver's door with the key at the door lock.

Leave the door closed in order to prevent the alarm system from being triggered.

2. Press button 1 on the remote control. The remote control is now activated again.

A - Diagnostic socket A - Plastic gripper

B - Spare fuses

A - Diagnostic socket A - Plastic gripper

B - Spare fuses

Replacing fuses

In order to prevent damage to the electrical system due to short circuits and overloads, the individual circuits are protected by fuses. The fuse box is located in the driver's footwell.

Switch off the load with the defective fuse.

2. Pull off plastic cover at the finger hole (arrow). The fuse plan and instructions for emergency unlocking of the luggage compartment lid can be found on the inner side of the cover.

3. Remove the corresponding fuse from its slot using the plastic gripper A in order to check it. A blown fuse can be identified by the melted metal strip.

4. Replace only with fuses of the same rating.


> If a fuse blows repeatedly consult an authorized Porsche dealer.

> Never try to "repair" fuses: you may cause serious damage to other parts of the electrical system.

Emergency unlocking of the luggage compartment lid

If the battery is discharged, the lid can be opened only with the aid of a donor battery.

Unlocking lid

1. Use the key to unlock the vehicle at the door lock.

2. Remove plastic cover over the fuse box.

3. Pull out positive terminal A in the fuse box.

4. Use a jumper cable to connect the positive terminal of the donor battery with positive terminal A in the fuse box.


If the vehicle was locked, the alarm horn will sound when the negative cable is connected.

5. Use the second jumper cable to connect the negative terminal of the donor battery with latch striker B.

6. Unlock the luggage compartment lid with the remote control.

The alarm system is switched off.

7. Disconnect the negative cable first, then the positive cable.

8. Push the positive terminal A into the fuse box and push on the plastic fuse box cover.


The engine cannot be started with this method.

f Please observe the chapter "EMERGENCY STARTING WITH JUMPER CABLES" on Page 242.

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