In the unlikely event of hydraulic failure of one brake circuit

f Push the brake pedal down firmly and hold it in that position.

A mechanical linkage activates the second circuit, and you will be able to bring the vehicle to a stop.

f After bringing your vehicle to a complete stop, avoid driving the vehicle and instead have it towed to the nearest authorized Porsche dealer for repair.

BRAKE Brake warning light USA

(®) Brake warning light Canada

If the warning lights in the instrument panel and onboard computer go on while driving, the brake fluid level may be too low, or (if the brake pedal travel has increased) one of the two brake circuits may have failed.

A greater braking pressure will be required, stopping distances will be longer and the braking behavior will change, particularly in curves.

With correctly adjusted brakes, and a correctly working brake system, the pedal travel to the point of brake actuation should be 1-3/16 in. to 1-9/16 in. or 30 to 40 mm. Whenever the brake pedal travel exceeds this distance, have the brake system checked.

Brake pedal


Risk of an accident.

Any obstruction of the brake pedal could increase the stopping distance.

f Always check the movement of the brake pedal before driving and make sure that it is not obstructed by a floor mat or any other object.

f Secure the floor mat to prevent it from sliding into positions that could interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle. Your Porsche dealer will be glad to offer you nonskid floor mats of the correct size.


In case one of the two brake circuits fails, increased pedal travel is required to bring your vehicle to a full stop.


To avoid overheating and premature wear of the brakes:

f Before descending a steep grade, reduce speed and shift the transmission into a lower gear or driving position to control speed.

f Do not "ride the brakes" by resting your foot on the pedal when not intending to apply brake pressure.

f Do not hold the pedal down too long or too often.

This could cause the brakes to get hot and not function properly.

Brake booster

The brake booster assists braking only when the engine is running.

When the car is moving while the engine is not running, or if the brake booster is defective, more pressure on the brake pedal is required to bring the car to a stop.

Moisture or road salt on brakes affects braking. When the vehicle is driven on salted roads for extended periods, the brakes should be washed down thoroughly about every 2 weeks. An automatic carwash facility cannot do this job properly. Brakes will dry after a few cautious brake applications.


Driving through water may reduce the traction.

Moisture on brakes from road water, car wash, or coating of road salt may affect braking efficiency.

f Cautiously apply brakes to test brakes after being exposed.

Brake wear

Your car has excellent brakes, but they are still subject to wear. The rate at which they wear depends on how the brakes are used.

f Have the brake system inspected at the intervals recommended in your Maintenance Booklet.

ERAK£ Warning light USA

(0) Warning light Canada

If the warning lights in the instrument panel and onboard computer stay on when the engine is running or come on while driving, the brake pads are worn, excessively.

f Do not continue to operate the vehicle. Have your authorized Porsche dealer inspect or replace the brake pads.

Brake pads

Wear on the brake pads and brake discs depends to a great extent on the driving style and the conditions of use and therefore cannot be expressed in actual miles on the road.

The high-performance brake system is designed for optimal braking effect at all speeds and temperatures.

Certain speeds, braking forces and ambient conditions (such as temperature and humidity) therefore might cause "brake noises".

New brake pads or linings

New brake pads and brake discs have to be "broken in", and therefore only attain optimal friction when the car has covered several hundred miles or km.

The slightly reduced braking ability must be compensated for by pressing the brake pedal harder. This also applies whenever the brake pads and brake discs are replaced.

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