Operating Your Porsche in other Countries

Government regulations in the United States and Canada require that automobiles meet specific emission regulations and safety standards. Therefore, cars built for the U.S. and Canada differ from vehicles sold in other countries.

If you plan to take your Porsche outside the continental limits of the United States or Canada, there is the possibility that

- unleaded fuel may not be available;

- unleaded fuel may have a considerably lower octane rating. Excessive engine knock and serious damage to both engine and catalytic converters could result;

- service may be inadequate due to lack of proper service facilities, tools or diagnostic equipment;

- replacement parts may not be available or very difficult to get.

Porsche cannot be responsible for the mechanical damage that could result because of inadequate fuel, service or parts availability.

If you purchased your Porsche abroad and want to bring it back home, be sure to find out about shipping and forwarding requirements, as well as current import and customs regulations.

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