Risk of damage due to the cleaning jet of the highpressure cleaning equipment or hot wax treatment

f Do not clean the convertible top with high-pressure cleaning equipment.

f Do not use the hot wax treatment.

Do not wash the convertible top each time the car is washed.

It is usually sufficient to spray or wash it with clean water.

f Brush dust off the convertible top in the direction of the weave using a soft brush.

f Only if there is heavy dirt, wet the convertible top with lukewarm water and the Porsche Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner, using a sponge or soft brush, and rub gently. Rinse Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner thoroughly off the convertible top with clean water.

f After washing it, treat the convertible-top cover at least once a year with the special Porsche convertible-top care product. Do not allow the convertible-top care product to come into contact with paint or windows. If it does, remove immediately.

f If there is leakage in the convertible-top cover or at its seams or folds, the special Porsche convertible-top care product can be used.

f Please note the information on the container.

f Remove bird droppings immediately since the acid in them will make the rubber swell and the convertible top will become leaky.

f Open convertible top only when it is completely dry, otherwise damp stains and scrub marks may occur which cannot be removed.

f Try to remove spots from the convertible-top cover by rubbing carefully with a soft rubber sponge.

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