Vehicles without Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake PCCB

Even though the brake discs consist of alloyed grey cast iron, they will unavoidably start to corrode if your car is parked for an extended period. The brakes will tend to "rub" as a result. The nature, extent and effects of corrosion depend on the amount of time the vehicle was parked, whether granular or liquid road salt was spread and whether grease-dissolving agents were used in car washes. If the braking comfort is noticeably impaired, we recommend having the brake system checked by experts at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Your Porsche is equipped with a power assisted hydraulic dual circuit brake system with disc brakes at the front and rear. Both circuits function independently. One brake circuit operates the front and the other operates the rear.

If one brake circuit has failed, the other will still operate. However, you will notice an increased pedal travel when you apply the brakes. Failure of one brake circuit will cause the stopping distance to increase.

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