Just Deserts

First of all can I say what an excellent job you did of the new Tamiya Leclerc tank. It looked fantastic in its desert clothing. I tend to find the basic desert colour very boring, but this was something different. Looking at the pictures the colour of the camouflage looks green, yet on the small accompanying pictures it appears brown until pic number 6 when it appears green. Was this a trick of the camera, or am I missing something? In the text you mention some resources that you obtained from Yann Jouault and Olivier Carneau. Would it be possible for you to assist with some of the URL's and pictures of the Leclerc or possibly posting them on the Missing Lynx website, or would you rather I contacted the two persons direct? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Toby Knight Via email THE DARKER CAMO on the model is deep brown, it was a combination of the photography and printing that gave a greenish tinge! The websites with Leclerc reference pics are; http://olivier.carneau.free.fr/ gb_version/index.htm (click on 'The Real Ones') www.chars-francais.net/ archives/leclerc.htm


Dal I960 distribuisce in Italia il meglio del modellismo"


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