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MR also obtained hundreds of check-measurements and photographs. Paint chips were also created and matched to the models to replicate the various shades of bluish- and greenish-grey seen on the miniatures. It is interesting to note here that the Star Wars filming models are generally painted much darker than they appear on screen. For instance, vehicles such as the Snowspeeder and Millennium Falcon appear almost-white on film and in publicity photos. However, much of these models' dark-grey paint schemes were washed out by the intense studio lighting, coupled with the repeated processing of the film stock for the special effects shots. Keeping this in mind, MR decided to copy the colouring as it would appear if one were looking directly at an original

Here are two of Tamiya's kits that donated key components to k the AT-AT...

Master Replicas
The AT-AT's derriere displays a goodly number of Tamiya kit parts - an Sd.Kfz222 upper hull, Flakvierling gun shield and M3 halftrack radiator louvres to name but three. There are even more if you look closely...

In September 2003, all of this information was collected and put into a specification package, which was given to their prototyping shop in China. Using this data, a prototype model, or master pattern, was created. The body, head and legs were CNC machined in hard plastic and metal using the original "cleaned-up" scan files. Various surface details were also hand-fabricated using the computer scan file as reference. In some cases, the original model kit parts were simply glued to the surface of this master pattern. Several of MR's engineers travelled to China to spend time reviewing and studying this pattern. Over the next few months, numerous fine details were "tweaked" and modified until they matched the original as closely as possible. Finally, RTV

silicone moulds were pulled from these master patterns and resin castings were supplied to MR.

These resin parts were assembled and two "paint masters" were created for use by the factory for colouring and decoration ('deco') reference. Most of' Master Replicas paint masters are assembled and painted in the United States by their staff, working closely with Lucasfilm personnel. Once the master pattern and paint masters were finalized and approved by both MR and Lucasfilm, the production engineering details were finalized. Many different materials were selected for the various components to optimize the balance of strength and detail for each specific part. Over 240 separate pieces go into each model. For example, the body and O

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