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The massive 21cm Morser 18 is the focus of this compact format book, and even though the book is quite small, it provides a good deal of information about the Krupp made weapon. Within the forty pages of black and white and colour images, a selection of wartime images gets the book off to a good start, followed by extensive walkaround images shots of the reasonably well preserved gun in the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw - the fenders and solid rubber tyres are missing, but at least the major structures are intact, offering some useful references. So if you have Precision Models' 1:35 resin kit, then this will be a very handy source of images. A small but very handy volume on this massive WW2 German gun •


Squadron Signal Publications ISBN 0-89747-492-9

Surely, a book on US armour camouflage of WWII would be very short, because everything was just painted overall olive drab? No! Because even a quick flick through this new book reveals that there were in fact many colour systems used by the US, including distemper whitewashes. This book covers a great many vehicles, camouflage schemes and markings from Europe and Pacific theatres and collectively it makes for fascinating reading, or should that be 'observation' because quite rightly, it consists of masses of captioned photographs rather than pages of endless text. Quite a few of the shots will be familiar and have appeared in previous Squadron books, but having them all in one place makes comparison easier, and there are plenty of images that are new to use, definitely making this a worthwhile purchase. Look past the rather dodgy cover illustration and base your purchase on the contents within! •


...and scrambling for a bazooka.

Painting with an Iwata airbrush gives serious modelers the firepower needed for unsurpassed control and detail. Models will roar to life with so much unbelievable realness you'll be tightening your chinstrap and heading for the nearest foxhole.

I 'Wata Revolution CR

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