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There is some debate as the the colour of the wings on this aircraft. The author chose to depict his model with red outer wing panels, but there is some discussion about the fact that they were in fact green, as depicted in Richard Caruana's illustrations. Also, the engine cowlings appear in fact to have been painted in grey primer, or simply taken from another aircraft that had a more heavily stained white distemper.

F/A-IU Super Homtt

Bomber $2845

F/A-IU Super Homtt

AMI4802021/48 RMX55191/48 SB2U-3 Vindicator' FIk 181 Super $2845* Hornet $15.35

XC121011/32 ED81311/48 Fokker AMI4802001/48

M6CG/CJ Block D.VIItOAWl SB2U-1 Dive

40/50 Fighting _ $29.95 Falcon 1811

TP22351/32 Messerschmitt M&262A1a $52.45

8385'Sautli Allen St. SuiteTOJ w SaifdvIUT 84070 USA


48 CC41011/48 TP28141/48

Helldhrer Brewster F2A-1 FockeWuN

Buffalo FW.200C-4 Condor

HM72381/487* GC491V48 F/A-18F Super Westland Wyvera Nonet S.4 $ 48.70

AMI4804051/48 SB2C-1 Helldhrer $29.95



Original Artwork

CRIchard J. Caruana

V 2005 A

MiG-3. Red 02, 120th IAP (Moscow Air Defence) March 1942. White distemper on all upper surfaces except top of outer wing sections which appear to have been replaced from an unpainted aircraft; spinner black. Red stars with black outline on fuselage sides, red only on tail and under wings; see note below

MiG-3, Red 172171, flown by Lt. Estyen, 5th AP, Finland July 1941. Dark green uppersurfaces (with light front section of fuselage and top of wings) and light blue undersides; red stars outlined black in six positions. Red 1 on fin outlined in light grey or light blue; rudder trim tab dark red. Early short-nosed version

MiG-3, 'Blue 3', 120 IAP, August 1941. Dark green with blackgreen wavy pattern uppersurfaces; light blue undersides. Red stars on fuselage sides, tail and under wings; light blue '2' on rudder. Early short-nosed version

Left: upper plan view of Red 02 above; often illustrated as having red outer wing panels and silver/natural metal cowling. It is here shown in a different guise in accordance with recent research

Above: MiG-3, Black 12, 120 IAP (Moscow Air Defence), March 1942. Silver (or natural metal) engine cowling; white distemper uppersurfaces and light blue undersides. Red stars, outlined black, on fuselage sides, tail and under wings; code '12' in black on fin

MiG-3, '5', of flown by Aleksandr Pokryshkin, 1942. Two-tone green wavy pattern on uppersurfaces and light blue undersides; yellow spinner and name on cowling. White '5' on fuselage; red stars on fuselage sides, tail and below wings. Note three stars denoting 'kills' under the windscreen

MiG-3, flown by V.V. Rybalko, 122 IAP, summer 1942. Two-tone green upper surface wavy patten with light blue undersides; red stars on fuselage sides, tail and below wings. Red arrow along front fuselage and red slogan 'Za Partii Bolshevikov', carried on both sides; remnants of winter white distemper on canopy frame. Red/black spinner; fixed tailwheel

MiG-3, '42', 7 IAP, Leningrad, October 1941. Dark and very dark green wavy pattern on top surfaces, patched with fresh paint in places, highly worn in others especially around wingroot walkway; light blue undersides. Black/white spinner; red stars on fuselage sides, tail and below wings. '42' is red thickly outlined in white. Early short-nosed version

MiG-3, E.19/2, flown by Cpt Bazu' Cantacuzino, Rumanian Air Force. Dark green uppersurfaces of varying weathered shades with light blue undersides; natural metal rear spinner plate. Rumanian national markings in six positions; codes in white. Yellow band around fuselage and outer wing sections. Early shortnosed version

MiG-3, 'Za Rodinu', 122 IAP, February 1942, in temporary white distemper paint on upper surfaces, red arrow along fuselage sides; red stars on fuselage sides, tail and below wings. Late long-nosed version

TMMI 122 December 2005 33

32 December 2005 TMMi 122

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TAMIYA 1:24 PORSCHE 911 TURBO '88 • ITEM NO. 24279

Painting The Tamiya Porsche 911 Turbo

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