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Just a quick note regarding your review of the re released M113A1 FSV (Saladin Turret), page 46 July 2005 issue. Regretfully the review contains a technical error regarding flotation equipment fitted to these vehicles.The Saladin turreted vehicles were never fitted (or intended to be fitted) with flotation pods.The only mod to this vehicle to assist in fording/swimming was a narrow folding flap extension, which was fitted to the top of the trim vane, and folded out only when fording/swimming. As these vehicles were issued to only a couple of cav regiments in Australia after their limited service in Vietnam, they were rare birds, I cannot be sure when the mod was fitted, (my regiment never had them) certainly however I have seen photos of these vehicles on active service in 1972 without the trim vane extensions. By 1976 when I was in the 1/15 RNSWL all of the 2 Cav vehicles (our sister regiment) I saw, certainly had them.The vehicle was used in Vietnam in troops composed solely of FSVs, used mainly for convoy protection, the Cav troops really being organized as APC troops for the infantry. Its post 1972 service was in the Cav troops of armoured reconnaissance regiments at a ratio of two per troop. Bravo,

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