Soldiering On

Before I reach for the Games Workshop 'Green Stuff' modelling putty and embark upon sculpting figures from scratch can anyone tell me where I might be able to find 1:35 British Tank crew for the Academy Achilles. I don't want the usual tea drinking, tank leaning crew but action packed gun loading crewmen. Please solve all my problems as the less time I spend sculpting my own figures the more time I can spend building more armour.

Alistair C-G, Buckinghamshire.

Congrats on a great magazine. BRITISH CREWS'in action' tend to be rare, as you say they tend to be drinking tea from enamelled NAAFI mugs, or shaking hands in a jolly British, gentlemanly manner. Even though there were more British soldiers at D-Day than Americans (no offence to our loyal US readers, just a statistic), there are woefully few figures of this type.

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