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The alarm system is turned off and on with a separate key.

The alarm switch is located in the side panel behind the driver's door lock.

The key has to be turned to vertical position to turn the system off.


Spare keys are not available for the alarm switch. If the key is lost, the alarm switch must be replaced.

The key must be turned to horizontal position to turn the system on.

The alarm would be set off by opening the driver's or passenger's door, trunk lid, engine hood and when turning the ignition on.

After setting off the alarm a separate alarm horn would sound off intermittently for approx. 30

seconds and would be set off again were the described measures repeated.

It would also be impossible to start the engine.

Removing and Installing Alarm Switch

1. Remove internal ventilation escutcheon.

2. Pull off rubber escutcheon on alarm switch and unscrew nut.

Removing and Installing Alarm Control Unit

3. Remove alarm switch through internal ventilation opening and pull off wire plugs.

1. The alarm control unit is located on center tunnel behind the radio. The control unit is held on the center tunnel by a clamp and can be removed by pulling off to the right.

Removing and Installing Alarm TROUBLESHOOTING ALARM SYSTEM 924


1. Remove alarm switch and measure resistance values between connections.

924 Horns Position Body Car

1. Push contact switch up out of holder

Alarm switch off (key vertical) = 4 . . . 5.5 k-ohms.

Replace alarm switch when measured resistance is above or below specified values.

2. Pull off wire plugs.

1. Remove battery. Checking Alarm Switch

2. Unscrew alarm horn and pull off wire plugs.

1. Remove alarm switch and measure resistance values between connections.

Location Alarm Horn Porsche 924

Checking Wires and Connections

1. Remove alarm control unit.

Pull off both plugs on alarm control unit.

3. Leave test lamp connected to term. 30. Connect other lamp lead on term. K 1. Lamp should come on.

2. Connect test lamp (max. 3 W) on two-pin plug (term. 30 and Hn). There is battery voltage and wire to alarm horn is okay when lamp comes on.

4. Connect test lamp on term. 30 and 31. Lamp should come on.

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