Exterior Equipment Painting


Following points assure that strips will hold well.

1. Wash car. Remove dirt, grease, wax and other protective compounds on body in area of strips thoroughly with gasoline or acetone.

2. Never install strips outdoors in cold or wet weather. Car and ambient temperature should be about 20° C (70° F).

The part number for a complete strip set is 477 853 995.

1. Arrange the individual strips to the adhesive areas, making sure that the flat side faces up and strip points run parallel to the body con tour.

2. Preheat strips to about 60° C (140° F) with an industrial air heater or in a drying oven.

3. Peel off paper backing and first place strips directly over body edge lightly. Check alignment along body edge or to adjacent strip. Correct if necessary and then press on by rubbing hard with a rubber roller.

4. Press on ends of strips additionally with the rubber roller.

5. Center door strips so that the distance to the door's edge is the same at the front and rear.

6. Keep distance of about 8 to 9 mm (5/16 - 11/32 in.) at wheel openings.

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