Installing Speaker and Radio

Printed in Germany

5. Take cover out of radio opening, place fuse in line and connect radio.

2 - Speaker connection

3 - Antenna connection

Example: Blaupunkt Radio

6. Bolt both brackets to radio, slide radio into radio opening, install radio bezel by pressing mask against radio until the springs engage in the radio bezel.

Printed in Germany

To release radio mask press both engaging springs outward to stop (arrow).

Proceed according to the manufacturer's instruc tions for other makes of radios.

If a Blaupunkt stereo radio with cassette is installed, the proper low frequency amplifier is installed next to the steering column.

Installing Speaker and Radio 90-9

Installing Radio Suppressors

1. Remove distributor cap and install distributor shielding ring over cap, making sure to align cut out in ring with stop on cap. Install distributor cap again. The shorter side of the shielding ring faces the firewall. Connect ground strap between ring and distributor.

Further suppression is not required on the car.

2. Install suppressor capacitor between terminal 15 of ignition coil and ground.

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