Removing Installing

Open rear lid and detach gas pressure springs, by Press in rear lid rubber seal starting at bottom opening the safety caps. center. Seal both sides of the marked area with a window sealing compound.

Remove covers on roof liner and loosen hinge screws.

Install rear lid and bolt the hinges with liners to the roof frame.

Close rear lid and check for even fit of rear lid rubber seal, body contour and lid lock alignment adjusting if necessary. Enlarge the hinge bores as required.

Attach gas pressure springs.

Remove rear lid.

Adjust rear lid locks so that the lockpin engages in the center.

Pull off rear lid rubber seal.

55 Lids

Adjust the linkage so that the lock bolt opens and closes completely.

Adjust length of lockpin so that the seals on the rear lid seal the bottom lock area sufficiently.


To check locking operations coat the lockpin with grease and determine if the lock bolt engages all of the lockpin.

Spray water on rear lid and check for leaks.

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