Installing Reinforcement Brackets On Rear Apron

Starting with Chassis No. 924 720 0971 the upper spot-welded flanges on the rear apron and rear side panel (joints) are reinforced by extra brackets. Part No. 477 813 345 and 477 813 346.

These brackets are glued and also tack welded to provide initial adhesion. This makes the joints so strong that paint cannot crack at the joints.

Supplemental installation of these brackets in previously manufactured cars is not possible because of the inner frame panels. These brackets can be installed during repairs calling for replacement of the rear apron or rear side panels.

These brackets can only be installed on 924 models up to October, 1980 and on Turbo models up to June, 1980. Starting with these introduction dates there is the reinforced rear body section, so that the spot-welded flange is no longer accessible.

Installing Reinforcement Brackets on Rear Apron

Only a 2-component polyurethane metal adhesive, e.g. Dekalin Reaction Adhesive 8865 from Deutsche Klebstoffwerke in Hanau/Main, is suitable for repairing.

800 gr. can of component I

200 gr. can of component II

Mixing ratio = 4:1 parts by weight

Potlife of mixed adhesive = about 1 hour

Drying time = initial adhesion after 2 to 3 hours final adhesion air-dry after 24 hours

1. Remove grease on spot-welded flange of body and brackets.

2. Mix required amount of adhesive and apply coat of it to brackets, leaving extreme ends free of adhesive (see figure).

3. Press on and tack weld brackets.

4. Remove excessive adhesive.

5. Install and weld inner frame panels.

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