Installing Stay In Removable Plastic Roof Panel

Starting with Chassis No. 924 720 5639

a stay Part No, 477 871 761, threaded sleeve Part No. 477 871 763 and washer Part No. 477 871 765

are installed in plastic roof panels to prevent wind noise and maintain the front roof shape.

Service installation of stay is required in a plastic roof panel if the outer surface protrudes past roof edge at front or depressions are visible at the fasteners.

Removing and installing

1. Unlock and remove roof panel.

2. Remove roof panel liner by prying out rivets and removing screws of front fasteners and at front center.

4. Guide in stay with angled end facing forward. Place washer and threaded sleeve on stay and tighten. Insert roof panel into opening and secure fasteners. If alignment with roof is correct, glue foam rubber strips around stay.

3. Drill 4.2 mm dia. holes in outer longitudinal ribs on both sides and immediately above inner lands behind front cross rib. Open up hole in right side to 6.5 mm diameter.

5. Install and secure roof panel liner. Replace damaged rivets.

If plastic roof panel has insufficient tension at front/rear roof fasteners, or protrudes beyond edge of roof, felt or leatherette strips can be placed underneath centering wedges on roof frame. This will give fasteners more tension and lower roof panel.


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