Instructions For Welding Galvanized Sheet Metal

The entire floor/frame assembly of the body is made of steel sheet galvanized on both sides. The zinc thickness varies between 7.5 and 20 micromillimeters depending on the corrosion protection. Together with other protective measures, such as cavity spraying, undercoating and modern painting techniques, the body has adequate protection against corrosion.

This means several changes for repairs on sheet metal parts.

- The zinc coat should be ground down as little as possible or damaged in any other manner.

- Never use acids for cleaning.

- Use welding techniques which cause the least possible damage to the zinc coat. If at all possible apply the following welding techniques: resistance welding (spot) or gas-arc welding or brazing.

Painting can be performed with the same materials as for steel sheet. Below are several explanations about recommended welding techniques.

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