Location Of Relays In

Relays and fuses are located centrally in the foot-well on the driver's side. This relay plate has all of the relays and fuses, except for the pop-up headlight motor relay. The back of the relay plate also carries different colored electrical harness connectors for engine compartment, instrument panel and tail light harnesses.

Porsche 924 Relay Diagram

Printed in Germany

Location of Relays in Car 90-1

Porsche 924 Relay Diagram

1 - Combination relay for headlight flasher and low beams

2 - Horn relay

3 - Fuel pump relay

4 - Vacant

5 - Blower relay

6 - Fog light relay (optional extra equipment)

7 - Headlight cleaner relay (optional extra equipment)

8 - Intermittent wiper relay

9 - Turn signal/Emergency flasher

10 - Seat belt warning relay

11 - Rear window defogger relay

12 - Fuses S 1 through S 15

Models with an air conditioner have two additional relays underneath the instrument panel next to the center console.

Instrument Console Porsche 928

1 - Relay for condenser blower

2 - Relay for air conditioner

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