Painting Bumpers

Starting with Chassis No. 924 720 1281 the aluminum bumpers of all models have a texture-finish paint in the same color as the body.

Following materials are required:

1. DuPont 100 S multi-purpose primer-surfacer laquer-type or equivalent (follow manufacturer* s instructions)

2. Thinner or cleaner

Part No. 911 096 310 06

3. Enamel ALN 769 ... or metallic paint

New painting

1. Clean unpainted part with thinner.

2. DuPont 100 S multi purpose primer-surfacer lacquer-type or equivalent (follow manufac turer's instructions)

3. Flash off time approx. 10 min.

4. Spray texture finish

Spraying pressure 2-3 bar/29 - 44 psi

Partial painting Not recommended.

Refinish entire bumper following above painting instructions.


Test texture-finish on test panel and, if necessary, change spraying pressure or distance to object.

or air dry about 10 hours

6. Mixed package enamel acrylic ALN 769 ...

or metallic paint as usual.

Printed in Germany -II, 1977

Painting bumpers 66 - 23

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