Painting Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Parts

(Hardtop roof)

Painting Procedure

1. Wipe surface with good quality wax and grease remover.

2. Wet-sand with 400 "wet-or-dry" sandpaper, featheredge scratches or chips. Wipe with TAG rag.

3. Apply two-component primer-surfacer with hardener. (DuPont primer, part 825 S hardener, part ^ 826 S

or equivalent).

4. Allow ten minutes flash-off time.

5. Apply heat for 30 minutes at 160° F.

6. Dry sand with & 400 "wet-or-dry" sandpaper and wipe with enamel reducer.

7. Apply two-component color system or alkyd-melamine resin paint.


When working with paints and similar materials, observe local and federal regulations concerning pollutant emissions and flammability classifications.

Printed in Germany -II, 1977

Painting Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Parts

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