Removing And Installing Door Window Glass And Window Lifter



1. Turn down window lifter far enough that the front mounting screw on the window lifting rail can be loosened through the large hole in the inside door panel.

1. Lubricate ratchet, install and bolt window lifter.

2. Unscrew rear guide rail on inside door panel and detach it at the window lifter.

3. Detach window lifter at lifting rail guides.

2. Install window glass, guiding lower arm of window lifter into lifting rail.

3. Bolt mounting plate to lifting rail, tightening screws only slightly.

4. Lubricate guide rail, guide into window lifter knob and bolt with the cut-out end toward the rear.

5. Check window lift operation. Adjust and tighten the guide rail and mounting plate.

4. Tilt window glass slightly and lift it out.

5. Loosen window lifter screw on door panel and take out window lifter through the upper door panel opening.

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